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Nepal Village Resort is proud to announce it has begun to transfer its activity to a new and better prime location in Kathmandu Valley, located only 9 miles/14 kms south-west from the capital of Nepal, called Godavari. Godavari is surrounded by beautiful nature, forests with spectacular views of the Himalayan Mountains. Continue to look here for more information.

Meanwhile, we are cordially inviting all our nepali and foreign friends to join us, to purchase land in this same unique setting and become our neighbors. Find Peace in Nature.

If you have questions about property acquisition in Godavari, and/or may be interested to custom build a home of your own in this same local community, contact us at

The following plots of land are presently available "subject to contract" on a first come-first served basis. Prices are also subject to change at any time without prior notice, according to market conditions.


Terrain au nepal  Terrain a vendre  Nepal Land

"Subject to contract"


All plots listed below are direct from owner or sole agent (no commission) and border an existing 12ft wide road, with water provided from Town Water supply (spring water) and electricity. Direct access to each individual plot is therefore guaranteed. Larger areas in same area are also available on request. Complete peace and quiet guaranteed. View of Mountains and wondrous nature.

Version francaise:

Les différents terrains cités ci-après sont situés en pleine nature dans la Commune de Godavari, à 2 kms du village et à 7 kms de la célèbre ville historique de Patan et à seulement 14 kms de la capitale de Katmandou. Du fait qu'ils sont tous situés en bordure de route, l'accès aux différents terrains est garanti. Il y a eau par canalisation et éléctricité sur place. Vue panoramique sur les montagnes et forêts avoisinnantes.

"Lots" No. Sq. Ft. No. Sq. M. US$ Price Price in E.
Plot #1 4800 445 99,000 70.000
Plot #2 3800 350 77,000 55.000
Plot #3 2700 255 56,000 40.000
Plot #4 6500 604 135,000 95.000
Plot #5 6500 604 135,000 95.000
Plot #6 6500 604 135,000 95.000

Compare Prices:

So that you can compare prices of land on offer in Godavari with those of other places in Kathmandu Valley, price indications for these other places (subject to market conditions) are indicated below. Basis of reference: year 2011 at prevailing exchange rates. Minimum Price per anna is shown for each locality, expressed in nepali currency equivalent. Lakh rupee price indications shown below should therefore be considered as very conservative - low market price estimates (subject to review, according to market conditions)

Note: One nepali anna of land = 31.79 Sq M or 342.25 Sq Ft

Locations Price per Sq M Price per Sq Ft
in US$ in Euros in US$ in Euros
Bhaktapur (20+ lakhs) 900 620 120 84
Lagankhel (100+ lakhs) 4500 3100 600 420
Patan (40+ lakhs) 1800 1240 240 168
Ctr Kathmandu (35+ lakhs) 1580 1080 210 148

Price of land in Nepal

Six (6) different plots, as above, are reasonably pegged at an average price of 5 lakh rupees per anna only. This price also compares favorably with one "housing project" within a 5 km radius, where asking price for one ana is currently 8 lakhs, or over 60% more. Prices of land in the city of Godavari or along the major access road to Godavari will naturally be much higher again. If you are in any doubt, consult local real estate agents or landowners in our Godavari area.

Prix Du Terrain Nepal

Une comparaison rapide peut être réalisée entre les prix actuellement en vigueur qui vous sont proposés à Godavari (voir tableau ci-dessus) avec ceux qui sont pratiqués dans la capitale de Katmandu et ses environs. De par ce qui précède, il en ressort que le prix du métre carré à Godavari au site proposé et en pleine nature s'établit à 155 Euros alors qu'a Patan (à 7kms de distance) les prix du métre carré est - au minimum - huit (8) fois plus cher. Par rapport à la capitale, Godavari est sept (7) fois moins cher, et quant à Lagankhel... le délire... On pourra multiplier le prix de Godavari par vingt (20)!

Par rapport à la France, si les prix ne sont pas comparables, on pourra malgré tout citer quelques examples: (prix 2011)

Salon de Provence: 2526 Euros le M2 - Aix en Provence: 4257 Euros le M2 et Alpes de Hautre Provence: 2565 Euros le M2

Nous laissons à nos lecteurs le soin de tirer leurs propres conclusions!